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Making my Shopping Cart

The only thing better than online shopping is app shopping! More and more companies are creating apps where you can purchase direct from the comfort of your phone – wherever you may be. Stuck in peak hour traffic, why not purchase a new pair of shoes from The Iconic. Waiting at the doctors, no reason why you can pick up that blazer from Asos you’ve had your eye on! I’m sure I’m not the only one trawling my fashion apps for new items to purchase when I have a spare moment – watching TV, on the train or waiting inline for a coffee of a morning!

I must concede that whilst my wish list is always bursting at the seams, my shopping cart is a place where only the top performing pieces reside until pay-day. Very few items actually make this pile. You see I love the thrill of picking out item upon item I would snap up in a moments notice if I had unlimited funds or a body like Jennifer Lawrence, but in reality only the most cultivated of pieces make my shopping cart.

To become a top performing piece, the item must meet a certain criteria:

  • Will it suit my body type
  • Does this colour work with my complexion
  • Will it work with at least 3 items already residing in my closet
  • Is it versatile (can it be work to work, out for cocktails and to Sunday brunch)
  • Can I return it, no questions asked
  • Do I keep coming back to the item

If it passes this test , then to check out it goes! Here is a sneak peek of my current top performing pieces, I wonder which ones will graduate to the check out this pay…

The Iconic:

The Iconic_Kate Incorporated


Asos_Kate Incorporated

Revolve Clothing:

Revolve Clothing



I can’t believe another weekend has come and gone! This weekend Anth and I finally started cleaning out our spare room. Due to an engagement, a wedding and multiple christmas and birthdays our spare room has slowly become to resemble an episode of Hoarders! After numerous trips to our new storage unit, we now have a spare room back and we are very excited to be able to access our linen without having a search party sent in after us. This morning  we rewarded our tireless efforts with a lazy Sunday morning sleep in and breakfast in bed. Later we headed to the shops for coffee and some light shopping then back home, where we parked ourselves on the lounge and haven’t moved since – bliss!

As I am in a lazy mood, here is snapshot of my recent happenings, enjoy:






















Hope you have all had a great weekend and here is to fantastic week ahead!



Dangers of Online Shopping…

Since my recent knee surgery rendered me stranded on my lounge for hours on end, I started indulging in online shopping.

Whilst I’m an online shopper from way back, for me, nothing beats the real-time shopping experience. One of my favourite pass times during lunch, after work and on weekends is trawling shopping centres, local shops and beautiful boutiques. If not for purchases, than window shopping gives me just as much joy!

But back to my recent vice. The biggest danger I find with online shopping is know where my limit is. When you are physically shopping, each purchase is presented by the sales assistant to you in its own shiny new bag. For me these bags represent not only serotonin inducing pleasure but act as a calculator of sorts, with bags in hand I am continually faced (not to mention weighed down) with the acknowledgement of my purchases.

shopping calculator

So my question is, how to do you control your online purchases with so many endorphins running through my body and no reminder of what I have already bought (lets face it, once you press the “pay now” button and make your way to the next page you have already forgotten that last pair of shoes your having delivered to work)?

I should disclose that this post is taking me double the time as I am multitasking on the Shopbop sale page. And as a true addict, I also welcome any new suggested online shopping sites that ship to Australia!

For now though, here are a few of my recent purchases:










I'm all about heels but after my surgery, i have been ordered to wear only flats. these lovelys pack a punch in fuisha pink and a matt gold metallic both Walnut Melbourne from Style Tread

I’m all about heels but after my surgery, I have been ordered to wear only flats. these lovelies pack a punch in fuchsia pink and a matt gold metallic both Walnut Melbourne from Style Tread












Nautical Neon Trim Blazer from Forever21

Nautical Neon Trim Blazer from Forever21










whilst I made a few more purchases than this, the addict in me is leaving them off the post!