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Pintrest Perfect

Is anyone else obsessed with Pintrest? I can spend hours trawling other peoples pins, discovering amazing outfits, unique furniture, incredible recipes and not to mention shoes that I only ever dreamt of!

My problems is this: I have an amazing home with an even better wardrobe, stockpiled with unbelievably fantastic haute couture, demi couture and off the rack designer creations that would make any socialite with unlimited access to a black Amex cry. Problem you ask? These amazing assets only exist only online in the form of tiny little pins.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my apartment, I am currently in the process of cosmetically enhancing our little haven. My wardrobe on the other hand has seen much better days! I recently lost around 12kg for my wedding. This was an amazing accomplishment until reality set in that I have very little that fits, and those that do are incredibly lack luster. Online my wardrobe is sophisticated and polished with accents of punchy colours, knock out heels and unbelievable accessories that finish off every outfit to perfection, the kind that would warrant perfect strangers to scream out compliments at you mid bolt to the train station in the morning.

So, if I can manage this online style so effortlessly and effectively, how am I so incapable of transferring this to real life? Laziness! I have discovered recently that my perpetually bad habit of laziness in life has now consumed my love of what I call reality fashion. Online I have nailed my own personal style, offline my laziness has started taking over my love to a degree I am ashamed of. Thank god for Pintrest for alerting me to this tragedy, I can now take the steps required to rebuild my wardrobe one blazer at a time!

Stay tuned for my new and highly improved wardrobe purchases – I hope my husband doesn’t read this, as his credit card may be used in the name of rebuilding!


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