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Fun Fact Friday: Fixing a chipped manicure

About a month ago I went and treated myself to a manicure. I don’t usually pay to get my finger nails done as I feel as though I do a pretty good job myself but I was given a voucher and thought, why not! After one day, my nails began to chip – I was not impressed. So after a little researching on the old interweb, I found this article on Primped, a step by step guide to actually fixing your chipped nail polish rather than just topping the nail up with another coat of paint. It’s a little more in-depth than the old repaint option, but I have to say it really does work, and is totally worth the extra effort.

When I do my home manicure, I file my nails first, then wash my hands and apply moisturiser (or cuticle oil). I follow this up by applying OPI Chip Skip, a layer of base coat (currently I am using Orly Basecoat Bonder which you can get here ). I wait for it to completely dry before applying the first coat of colour, then wait about 2-3 minutes and apply a second layer of colour. Let that dry for about another 4 minutes then apply a top coat (currently I use Revlon ColourStay Longwear Top Coat which you can get here).

OPI Maiami Beet

Wearing OPI Miami Beet

To avoid future chipping, make sure you reapply a top coat every day, I like to buff the nail first so it has that glossy finish as I find the colour tends to dull over time.


Nailing It!

I have a little bit of an obsession with nail polish. I have far more than one person should ever require especially those of the pink variety. Whilst I love a visit to the nail salon, you will rarely ever see me getting a manicure. I am more than happy to pay for a pedicure, however
I really can’t justify paying for a manicure – strange, I know. I am far more content tending and painting my own nails. This is probably how I have justified the ridiculous amount of nail polishes I have purchased over the last few years.

Small sample of my nail polis

Tonight I am rocking an old polish that I don’t think I have ever worn before. It’s a Models Prefer shade called Sterling and to be honest, I’m quite perplexed as to why this is only the debut for my pretty little Sterling.

Sterling by Models Prefer

Sterling by Models Prefer

Sterling by Models Prefer

Cheers to Saturday night and my new favourite colour – for this weekend anyway!


Loving Right Now

I have a fairly large collection of nail polish, so it’s not unusual that sometimes I forget I have particular colours. Last year my lovely friend, Eilise, brought me back a couple of OPI nail polishes from her trip to the US.

Tonight is date night and whilst getting myself ready, I stumbled across one of the above mentioned nail polishes which I am now crushing on big time. Its the perfect colour for this Autumn season.

OPI Miami Beet

This shade is OPI Miami Beet. I love the names of the OPI collection, I think that’s part of the reason I have so many.

What are your thoughts on this colour?


Finding Old Favourites

I love it when you stumble across an old favourite that’s been stashed away just waiting for its chance to become your number one again. Last night I was cleaning out a handbag that I hadn’t used in months when, to my delight, a bottle of lilac coloured greatness rolled across my bedroom floor.

OPI Mod About You

I just love this shade, it reminds me of cupcakes and all things girlie!

Happy Friday