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My Five Favourite…Cocktails

My Five Favourite’s this week is in anticipation of tonight. Anthony and I are joining our soon to be married friends for High Tea with a twist at the White Heart this evening. The twist is that the High Tea is served as deconstructed cocktails!  So with cocktails on the brain, here are my five favourite cocktails:

  1. Vodka Martini – dirty, shaken and with 3 olives
  2. Cosmopolitan – Carrie introduced me many years ago and they have been a favourite ever since
  3. Manhattan – need to be made with only the best liquor
  4. Turkish Apple Martini – my own creation so of course it’s to my taste
  5. Margarita – with or without a Mexican fiesta!

 My Five Favourite Cocktails

I hope this inspires you to have a tipple or two tonight!



My Five Favourite…Blogs

I have decided to start a weekly post on my blog called “My Five Favourite…” where I  will choose a subject and share with you my five favourite items in that particular  category. This week I am sharing my five favourite blogs with you. I am a sucker for a fashion/lifestyle blog, especially if they showcase cocktails! In no particular order, here are five of my favourite blogs that I regularly draw inspiration from, both for my blog and my personal style:

1.       Cupcakes & Cashmere

2.       The Life Styled

3.       Downtown Romantic

4.       The Boys Club

5.       Wendy’s Lookbook

My Five Favourite...Blogs 

I love finding new blogs, but these seem to be my “old faithfuls” that I always seem to get drawn to. In fact, it was Emily from Cupcakes and Cashmere’s warm and welcoming blog that made me want to start my own space. My best friend, Clair, introduced me to her blog about this time last year and I immediately fell in love with her space.

What Blogs do you enjoy reading?