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Three Things

Sometimes the world feels like it’s against you, you are running late for work, you get a ladder in your stockings whilst getting out of your car in a rush, you bang your knee on your draws as you rush to turn your computer on then you spill your coffee all over your new cream silk blouse before your 10am meeting!

It’s easy to indulge in negative mood but if you stop and think about three things that make you smile, it makes life so much easier – for you and everyone around you!

Three things making me smile today are:

A bunch of my favourite spring blooms

flowers in a mason jar

Fish & chips at the beach after work

Fish and chips at the beach

A walk with my adoring husband – nothing makes me smile more than when I’m with him!


And if your still not smiling after that, just remember smiling creates fewer wrinkles!

Things that make me smile

Sometimes we get so caught up in the dramas of life that we forget to take a moment and appreciate the small things that make us happy. Here are three things that are making me smile, today:

photo (4)

Stopping to get a takeaway coffee before hitting peak hour

photo (3)

Lunch in the sun

photo (2)

How can such beautiful flowers not make you smile!

What made you smile today?

Insta Update

Greetings and salutations. I have been so busy lately I have totally neglected my little blog.

Here is a Insta update, thanks to my trusty Instagram app – where would I be without this little number. Honestly, it catches the most intimate, exciting and crucial moments in my life, you know, like what food I’m eating and my morning coffee!


Mexican Fiesta

Mexican Fiesta

Hot Chocolate from Max Brennar

Hot Chocolate from Max Brenner

Pink roses on my afternoon walk

Pink roses on my afternoon walk

Girls drinks ended with a chocolate soufle from my man Max

Girls drinks ended with a chocolate fix from my man Max

Grill'd fix

Grill’d fix

Lunch at Cafe Sydney - love!

Lunch at Cafe Sydney – love!

Lunch with a view

Lunch with a view

Coffee to get me started on an early morning

Coffee to get me started on an early morning

I love me some pretty flowers

I love me some pretty flowers

Espresso Martini

Espresso Martini

What a view! drinks at Blu Horizon @ Shangri La

Drinks at Blu Horizon @ Shangri La, what a view!

Need a break?

Need a break?

Happy hump day, it’s all down hill to the weekend now!



Another weekend over and I’m left reflecting on the lounge, with a cup of tea and piece of fudge, pretending that the ironing of tomorrow’s work clothes is unnecessary, wrinkles are in right?

Whilst I start planning this coming weekends shenanigans and begrudgingly pressing my outfit for tomorrow, enjoy my Insta-Update of last weekend:














Happy Monday all,


My Five…

I am taking time to reflect on the things that make me happy after a rather frustrating week. Sometimes it’s important to remember the little (or big) things that get you out of bed in the morning or make you smile, these are mine:

1.    My Husband – corny I know, but I am still technically a newlywed so this should be allowed!

My Handsome Husband on our wedding day

2.    The smell of jasmine and freshly cut grass that perfumes the evening air


3.    Chilled glass of Rose – Bunnamagoo Estate Wines is my absolute favourite!

Glass of Rose

4.    The Alabama Shakes – smooth and sexy summer tunes

Alabama Shakes Boys & Girls album

5.    Pink peonies (hint to the husband!) ;p

Pink Peonies

 What puts a smile on your dial?