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Weekly Website Whip-around

WWW_July 4 copy

  1. Lorna Jane has me motivated to move this July with their 31 day squat challenge, and not just because I am a sucker for a good word play
  2. How interesting do these cocktails sound – I want to try the one to cure procrastination
  3. I am really enjoying the style watching from Paris Fashion Week, my favourite celebrity style so far has to be Olivia Palermo at the Christian Dior Haute Couture show – perfection!
  4. How great is this photo. Don’t you just love Jennifer Lawrence, she’s too funny!
  5. Yum, a delicious and healthy mid-week meal courtesy of the remarkable Michelle Bridges 
  6. This is definitely on my bake list – yum!
  7. I recently came across this article and found it truly fascinating 
  8. Totally lusting after this beautiful creation from J Crew

Hello, Social Media!

Recently I have noticed that my Facebook feed is occupied with my favourite blogs, bars, fashion labels, magazines and the like. I get all my updates this way and much prefer it as everything I want is in a central location, making it easy to peruse at my leisure. And then it dawned on me, why don’t I have a Facebook page for my little old blog? I have connected my Pinterest account, my Twitter account and my Instagram account to my blog, so why not add the main ingredient, the flour to my cake, the dress to my ensemble?


Introducing…my offical Kate Incorporated Facebook page! Make sure you head on over and ‘Like’ my page to get all my posts as well as any other updates. The idea with the new Facebook pages is for more regular interaction and quick updates between blog posts.


Thanks for your support so far, and I really hope you like my new page.