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Last Week in Food

What week it has been! I have been so busy and had a few internet issues so I thought I would recap my week in one post.

Tuesday I made chili con carne for dinner, we love chili in our house and it is a regular on our menu. The recipe is my own, made up from different recipes I have researched and also made to our taste. I love to jazz it up with different toppings such as homemade salsa’s, sour cream, fresh herbs and cheese, however on Tuesday night we went basic with just some coriander, fresh avocado and a squeeze of lime juice. Here is my recipe:

Chili Con Carne Recipe


Wednesday we had homemade burgers with oven baked fries. I love burgers and it’s always nice to make them at home – that way you can stay on the healthy side. They were delish and were great too much on whilst watching the new season of Sons of Anarchy.

Homemade Burgers and Oven Fries Recipe

We had dinner at the in-laws on Thursday which was buckets of fun (and I am not just saying that because they read my blog). We haven’t been around in while so it was really good to catch up with his family over dinner. We had a BBQ on the back patio and just  chatted and enjoy the amazing evening weather we have been having lately.

Friday was a lazy night in on the couch with a bowl full of quick pasta and wine., nothing special but needed after a hectic week at work.

This post is all about food. I love to cook but I am hopeless at posting about it for a few reasons:

 1.       I generally don’t follow a recipe but cook as I go. I love to read cookbooks (like you would a novel) and take inspiration from different recipes to make my own, therefore making it extremely difficult to recap for people

2.       I always take the first picture of the ingredients, or the onions in the saucepan and then before you know it I have finished the meal and we are eating before I remember to take the next photo

I hope you enjoy these recipes, be sure to  let me know you make any, I’d love to know what you think 🙂