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Lost: Inspiration and Imagination

A strange thing has happened to me this past week or so, it’s something that took me quite by surprise as I have never been accused of having any issues in this department before. I have lost my inspiration and imagination. I have writers block, bakers block, sentence constructing block, and any other possible block a girl can have.

I have looked everywhere for my I&I, I have scaled many a cook book, trawled countless online shopping sites, flicked through numerous glossy magazine and even spent hours sifting through Pinterest with no avail!

Its been a busy and stressful time for me recently and I fear my I&I have relocated to poolside sun bed on a tropical island, sipping cocktails whilst dreamily looking out at the volcanic framed crystal clear waters for some much needed R&R – if only they took me with them!





Pictures from where I’d rather be – Maui, Hawaii


A little inspiration to get me through the day‏

I sometimes have days where I find it impossible to pep myself up. I’m naturally a bubbly person, so when I get into one of these moods I find it’s incredibly annoying.

One thing that helps me refocus is to search for something to inspire me – a new seasonal recipe, exciting ways to organise your home, latest trends in fashion and design, or even just beautiful imagery that lets my mind escape from reality for just a moment and live in a romantic parallel world.

Here are a few things that are exciting me at the moment:


Comfort cooking

Magazine fix

Magazines – trashy, glossy, food and home deco

Sky High and Magnetic Coral

My latest nail polish and lipstick

Planning my next dinner party

Planning dinner parties – my favourite way to entertain

Flower from the garden in the church we got married in


Late afternoon walk in Wahroonga

Afternoon walks in the dying sun

Tea in my Wedgewood teacup

Tea served in a proper tea cup

If you’re lacking some inspiration in your life, try pintrest or Instagram for a quick fix to pep you back up