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Things that make me smile

Sometimes we get so caught up in the dramas of life that we forget to take a moment and appreciate the small things that make us happy. Here are three things that are making me smile, today:

photo (4)

Stopping to get a takeaway coffee before hitting peak hour

photo (3)

Lunch in the sun

photo (2)

How can such beautiful flowers not make you smile!

What made you smile today?

My Five…

I am taking time to reflect on the things that make me happy after a rather frustrating week. Sometimes it’s important to remember the little (or big) things that get you out of bed in the morning or make you smile, these are mine:

1.    My Husband – corny I know, but I am still technically a newlywed so this should be allowed!

My Handsome Husband on our wedding day

2.    The smell of jasmine and freshly cut grass that perfumes the evening air


3.    Chilled glass of Rose – Bunnamagoo Estate Wines is my absolute favourite!

Glass of Rose

4.    The Alabama Shakes – smooth and sexy summer tunes

Alabama Shakes Boys & Girls album

5.    Pink peonies (hint to the husband!) ;p

Pink Peonies

 What puts a smile on your dial?