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Fun Fact Friday: Fixing a chipped manicure

About a month ago I went and treated myself to a manicure. I don’t usually pay to get my finger nails done as I feel as though I do a pretty good job myself but I was given a voucher and thought, why not! After one day, my nails began to chip – I was not impressed. So after a little researching on the old interweb, I found this article on Primped, a step by step guide to actually fixing your chipped nail polish rather than just topping the nail up with another coat of paint. It’s a little more in-depth than the old repaint option, but I have to say it really does work, and is totally worth the extra effort.

When I do my home manicure, I file my nails first, then wash my hands and apply moisturiser (or cuticle oil). I follow this up by applying OPI Chip Skip, a layer of base coat (currently I am using Orly Basecoat Bonder which you can get here ). I wait for it to completely dry before applying the first coat of colour, then wait about 2-3 minutes and apply a second layer of colour. Let that dry for about another 4 minutes then apply a top coat (currently I use Revlon ColourStay Longwear Top Coat which you can get here).

OPI Maiami Beet

Wearing OPI Miami Beet

To avoid future chipping, make sure you reapply a top coat every day, I like to buff the nail first so it has that glossy finish as I find the colour tends to dull over time.


Fun Fact Friday

Fun Fact Friday is a new weekly post I am going to be doing where I divulge a fun fact on a certain topic. This idea was leant to me by my husband last week when enlisted him as my official taste tester. I was frantically cooking up a storm in my tiny kitchen prior to my party when I asked him to critique on my caramelised onions. He we smiling from ear to ear and enthusiastically asked me what I had added to the onions to give them that flavour.  The answer, my friends, is a clever little trick I have borrowed from my mentor, Mr Heston Blumenthal. In his cookbook “Heston Blumenthal at home” he reveals the secret to amazing flavoured onions is adding star anise. Since reading this little nugget, it has changed my life! It honestly takes onions in form from regular onions to onionlicious (yes I borrowed that from Destiny’s Child – I like to borrow)!

  Heston Magic

And this is how Fun Fact Friday was conceived. I have many a random trick or tip when it comes to cooking, decorating, beauty and more. They never seem relevant enough to warrant an entire post so this is the perfect forum to share all my quirky facts!

Stay tuned for next week’s fact!