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A stroll in the park and Grandma’s self saucing pudding

Lately we have been having abnormally beautifully warm weather in Sydney. Whilst the evenings are fresh to say the least, the days have been all sunny, blue skies and balmy early to mid twenties temps. Whilst I have been home sick all week, I must admit the view from lounge has been one to put a smile on any sick dial. I have especially loved my doctors and pharmacy visits which have forced me to walk through the warm sunny streets of my local shops.

This morning I was finally feeling slightly normal and the Husband and I decided to go get a coffee and have a stroll through the park. My goodness I isn’t nature magnificent this time of year! The vivid orangey red colour from the autumn leaves against the crystal clear bright blue of the sky is truly something to see.

Here are a few insta-snaps from our stroll in the park this morning

Coffee in the park

Stroll in the park

Stroll in the park

Stroll in the park

Stroll in the park

Stroll in the park

Stroll in the park

Another thing I love about autumn, which will come as no surprise to anyone, is the comfort cooking. The other night we had a friend of ours over for dinner and I whipped up one of my Grandma’s chocolate self saucing puddings for dessert, who can resist a bowl of steaming hot pudding goodness with a spoonful or two of double cream or vanilla ice cream.

The recipe is super easy, and I personally believe that a great recipe should be shared

Grandmas Chocolate Sauce Pudding


  • 2 tablespoons butter
  • ½ cup milk
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • ¾ cup castor sugar
  • 1 cup self raising flour
  • 1 tablespoon cocoa powder

For the sauce:

  • ¾ cup brown sugar
  • 1 tablespoon cocoa powder
  • 2 cups boiling water


Sift all dry ingredients into a mixing bowl and stir in melted butter, milk and vanilla until all are well combined and smooth.

Spoon mixture into individual ramekins (mix makes enough for four) or one large oven proof dish.

Sprinkle brown sugar and cocoa powder evenly over the top of mixture, and then slowly pour over the boiling water.

Place ramekins or oven-proof dish in a baking tray half filled with water. Bake for 20-30 minutes in a medium (160 – 180 degrees Celsius) oven or until water is dissolved.

Remove and serve with double cream, vanilla ice cream, plenty of the chocolate sauce and enjoy with family or friends.

Grandma's self saucing pudding

Grandma's self saucing pudding

Grandma's self saucing pudding served with double cream

I highly recommend making this pudding; it never disappoints and is the perfect follow-up to a Sunday roast – just as an idea!

Happy weekend all



Insta Update

Greetings and salutations. I have been so busy lately I have totally neglected my little blog.

Here is a Insta update, thanks to my trusty Instagram app – where would I be without this little number. Honestly, it catches the most intimate, exciting and crucial moments in my life, you know, like what food I’m eating and my morning coffee!


Mexican Fiesta

Mexican Fiesta

Hot Chocolate from Max Brennar

Hot Chocolate from Max Brenner

Pink roses on my afternoon walk

Pink roses on my afternoon walk

Girls drinks ended with a chocolate soufle from my man Max

Girls drinks ended with a chocolate fix from my man Max

Grill'd fix

Grill’d fix

Lunch at Cafe Sydney - love!

Lunch at Cafe Sydney – love!

Lunch with a view

Lunch with a view

Coffee to get me started on an early morning

Coffee to get me started on an early morning

I love me some pretty flowers

I love me some pretty flowers

Espresso Martini

Espresso Martini

What a view! drinks at Blu Horizon @ Shangri La

Drinks at Blu Horizon @ Shangri La, what a view!

Need a break?

Need a break?

Happy hump day, it’s all down hill to the weekend now!



Another weekend over and I’m left reflecting on the lounge, with a cup of tea and piece of fudge, pretending that the ironing of tomorrow’s work clothes is unnecessary, wrinkles are in right?

Whilst I start planning this coming weekends shenanigans and begrudgingly pressing my outfit for tomorrow, enjoy my Insta-Update of last weekend:














Happy Monday all,


Labour Day Long Weekend Recap

This past weekend was a strange one for me. It was a rollercoaster of emotions and never a dull moment. I will recap for you in the shortest possible way (well for me anyway).

Friday was one hell of a hectic day at work; I won’t bore you with the details but let’s just say I had writer’s cramp by the end from making changes to a new website we are building. However these are the day’s you live for at work when you’re up against a deadline and the hours fly past.  I also got to wear my new pink jeans to work which scored me many a compliment! Please see a few (terrible) photo’s below, I really do need to get more organised and enlist my husband as a semi professional photographer for moments like these:

Portmans blazer, Forever New top, Cotton On jeans, Joanne Mercer wedges, Tiffany & Co necklace, Dive earrings

Forever New top, Cotton On jeans, Joanne Mercer wedges, Tiffany & Co necklace, Dive earrings

Friday night we had our new cleaners come for the first time ever and boy did our little home scrub up well! It was such a great treat to come home to a shiny, sparkling clean apartment. We had a lazy night in with homemade pizza (prosciutto, mushroom and rocket) and a movie on the couch.

Saturday started off well. I cooked us a lovely breakfast and we sat out on our sun drenched balcony in t-shirts and shorts, sipping coffee and devouring bacon, eggs and sautéed mushrooms – the breakfast of Saturday champions.

Lunch followed at the local to watch the AFL Grand Final – for those who did not partake in the festivities, the Swans triumphed over the Hawke’s with a 10 point lead. This resulted with me losing my voice from intense screaming but what a game! Cheer; cheer the red & the white!

Sunday was a day of tears and triumphs, after spending 4 hours in the sun waiting for the Swans return to their home ground, we left disappoint and extremely sunburnt. I should mention that whilst this was going on, my darling husband was at home cleaning and shopping in preparation for the dinner party we were hosting that night. I arrived home around 4:30pm, lobster red and frantic. However a glass of wine and the sweet smell of the flowers my husband had purchased soon eased me into a much calmer mood.

My Husbands beautiful flower arrangement

This is where I should mention that I am the worst blogger ever! I produced a delicious South American inspired dinner for my guests however I neglected to take any photos for my blog. I will however, share my menu, which I know is not quite the same:


Guacamole with corn chips


Corn fritters with seared scallops and grilled chorizo


Seared fillet of beef with a chimmichurri sauce

Spice roasted potatoes

Grilled asparagus with a capsicum salsa

Rocket, crumbled feta and avocado salad

Wine flowed, conversations got crazy, centerpieces got eaten and singing ensued – there may have even been some lounge dancing but I’m yet to find evidence of that. It was a fantastic night and I hope our guests had as much fun as we did.

Monday was a public holiday in NSW and it was a little slower to start, after  a special brunch of burgers and chips, a midday nap and plenty of water, I went for a lovely bush walk with my BFF (I totes gave her half my heart charm when we were in year 3 so its official), or so we thought. As we started our descent down the dense bushland in the back of suburbia, we noticed a man with a dog lurking down below. As we progressed down, J screamed at me to run, so I did. As I looked to my left I noticed the man running through the bushes towards me. My mind immediately thought he was chasing after us (who can blame me after recent cases of such behaviour in the news). I slipped on something and landed on my hands and knees – hard. I scrambled back up and continued running. I turned to see where J was and noticed she had stopped. She was looking down to where her little white pooch, sailor, was frozen on the spot, staring up at a massive, viscous looking Rottweiler, off its leash and bearing teeth. The man, whom I thought was chasing us, was actually chasing his dog. Once the beast had been captured, J and I hurried like hell out of the bush and back up to the populated roads above. My gosh it was scary.

Left knee

Right knee

Left shin

So battered, bruised and extremely tired, my husband made me his specialty, nachos, for dinner washed down with a bowl of ice cream then off to bed, painfully due to the bruises from my walk and the extreme sun burn from the SCG.

How did everyone else spend their Labour Day long weekend?



Flowers always make me smile. They brighten any room and always leave a subtle perfumed air. The other day my boss, a middle aged man (who hates the colour pink) requested that I organise floral arrangements for the upcoming conference I am organising to make the room more welcoming to our guests. Whilst my manager and I had a little giggle at this unusual request, it got me thinking to the importance and presence a good floral arrangement can bring to any occasion – even a conference for a bunch of blokey men!

I have so many favourite flowers I could probably fill a book, I thought I would take a moment to share some of my favourites arrangements I have discovered.

L-R Pink Hydrangea from crushculdesac; Orange Peony from Pintrest; Fresh cut flowers from teatimemagazine; Poppy’s from Ruche

The beauty of the flowers means that you don’t need expensive vases to hold them, you can use old milk bottles, jars, jugs, tins or just about anything that is water tight.

I love little pleasures that are inexpensive 🙂