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Flowers always make me smile. They brighten any room and always leave a subtle perfumed air. The other day my boss, a middle aged man (who hates the colour pink) requested that I organise floral arrangements for the upcoming conference I am organising to make the room more welcoming to our guests. Whilst my manager and I had a little giggle at this unusual request, it got me thinking to the importance and presence a good floral arrangement can bring to any occasion – even a conference for a bunch of blokey men!

I have so many favourite flowers I could probably fill a book, I thought I would take a moment to share some of my favourites arrangements I have discovered.

L-R Pink Hydrangea from crushculdesac; Orange Peony from Pintrest; Fresh cut flowers from teatimemagazine; Poppy’s from Ruche

The beauty of the flowers means that you don’t need expensive vases to hold them, you can use old milk bottles, jars, jugs, tins or just about anything that is water tight.

I love little pleasures that are inexpensive 🙂