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The Last of My Online Addiction

Only a week after posting about my online shopping addiction, I think I may have kicked this debilitating habit. The cure to my demons? A highly anticipated haul from an online purchase made 2 weeks ago. I picked it up from my local post office yesterday and anticipated opening the box of treasure all day. When I finally arrived home, I hastily opened the package and to my horror just about each and every piece (I ordered 16 pieces in total) looked cheap and poorly finished.

Whilst four or five pieces (a black dress, 2 pairs of earrings, a sequined gold clutch and sequined mini) can be salvaged, the rest will be going to a new home. I knew full well going into this purchase that it was touch and go but I guess, in a serotonin induced haze, my addiction got the better of me and all reason went out the window.



I can hear you say “why don’t you send them back for a refund?” well to be honest, the order didn’t cost very much and the postage to send these back will be higher than the refund. I am just going to have to take this as a wakeup call to online shopping. Whilst I’m not ruling it out completely, I guess I need to be a little more cautious as to where I place orders in the future.

Speaking of future orders, I am awaiting the last of my online flurry to arrive – a small order from Witchery which I am super excited about! I hope this won’t disappoint…

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My Online Enablers Exposed

Following on from yesterday’s post, I thought I would share a list of my 10 favourite online shopping destinations that always keep me coming back for more:

 My Shopping Addiction


Fantastic designers such as DVF, Alice & Olivia and Marc by Marc Jacobs to name a few of my favourites. Also do amazing jewellery, handbags and scarf’s. Quick delivery and free if you spend over $300 (which is extremely easy considering their abundance of desirable offerings).


High end labels that I usually can’t afford however I love to look and dream. Awesome sales where you can snag a great bargain – if you’re quick enough!

Style Tread

A local favourite for shoes with really fast delivery and excellent sale stock


A new favourite haunt tonnes of clothes and some great designers, they even stock some Aussie designers such as Bec & Bridge and Maurie & Eve.

Designer Forum

I first stumbled across one of their stores at my local shopping centre a few weeks before Christmas. I love anywhere that supports local Australian designers and this place has a great mix including Camilla, Samantha Wills, Sass & Bide and a whole load more.

Fashion Bunker

Cute pieces for a fairly low price point. Again supporting Australian labels.


My old-time favourite. Although Asos can be hit and miss with quality they are so affordable and their easy to deal with returns policy sees me going back time and time again.


These guys are super low in price but I have never bought anything that is poor quality. I love their blazers and accessories. Not a huge fan of their delivery, it’s not fast and it cost me a whopping $78 to ship from the US to Australia! But you can’t complain when you buy 16 items for the low price of $112.72 (got love American’s and their exact prices) excluding delivery, although its usually free within the USA and much faster shipping I’m sure.


They have fantastic work clothes and you can always get an excellent bargain as they have year round sales on older stock. Not to mention their quick and inexpensive delivery. I recently bought a jacket that was originally $279 and paid only $96!

The Iconic

Not a huge fan of their stock, although it continues to improve. I do like supporting Aussie businesses and their next day delivery is a  massive thumbs up in my books, especially if you have a last-minute event.

Now that I’ve shared my favourite sites, feel free to share your favourite’s with this little addict!


Dangers of Online Shopping…

Since my recent knee surgery rendered me stranded on my lounge for hours on end, I started indulging in online shopping.

Whilst I’m an online shopper from way back, for me, nothing beats the real-time shopping experience. One of my favourite pass times during lunch, after work and on weekends is trawling shopping centres, local shops and beautiful boutiques. If not for purchases, than window shopping gives me just as much joy!

But back to my recent vice. The biggest danger I find with online shopping is know where my limit is. When you are physically shopping, each purchase is presented by the sales assistant to you in its own shiny new bag. For me these bags represent not only serotonin inducing pleasure but act as a calculator of sorts, with bags in hand I am continually faced (not to mention weighed down) with the acknowledgement of my purchases.

shopping calculator

So my question is, how to do you control your online purchases with so many endorphins running through my body and no reminder of what I have already bought (lets face it, once you press the “pay now” button and make your way to the next page you have already forgotten that last pair of shoes your having delivered to work)?

I should disclose that this post is taking me double the time as I am multitasking on the Shopbop sale page. And as a true addict, I also welcome any new suggested online shopping sites that ship to Australia!

For now though, here are a few of my recent purchases:










I'm all about heels but after my surgery, i have been ordered to wear only flats. these lovelys pack a punch in fuisha pink and a matt gold metallic both Walnut Melbourne from Style Tread

I’m all about heels but after my surgery, I have been ordered to wear only flats. these lovelies pack a punch in fuchsia pink and a matt gold metallic both Walnut Melbourne from Style Tread












Nautical Neon Trim Blazer from Forever21

Nautical Neon Trim Blazer from Forever21










whilst I made a few more purchases than this, the addict in me is leaving them off the post!