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Weekly Website Whip-around

WWW_July 4 copy

  1. Lorna Jane has me motivated to move this July with their 31 day squat challenge, and not just because I am a sucker for a good word play
  2. How interesting do these cocktails sound – I want to try the one to cure procrastination
  3. I am really enjoying the style watching from Paris Fashion Week, my favourite celebrity style so far has to be Olivia Palermo at the Christian Dior Haute Couture show – perfection!
  4. How great is this photo. Don’t you just love Jennifer Lawrence, she’s too funny!
  5. Yum, a delicious and healthy mid-week meal courtesy of the remarkable Michelle Bridges 
  6. This is definitely on my bake list – yum!
  7. I recently came across this article and found it truly fascinating 
  8. Totally lusting after this beautiful creation from J Crew

Fun Fact Friday: Fixing a chipped manicure

About a month ago I went and treated myself to a manicure. I don’t usually pay to get my finger nails done as I feel as though I do a pretty good job myself but I was given a voucher and thought, why not! After one day, my nails began to chip – I was not impressed. So after a little researching on the old interweb, I found this article on Primped, a step by step guide to actually fixing your chipped nail polish rather than just topping the nail up with another coat of paint. It’s a little more in-depth than the old repaint option, but I have to say it really does work, and is totally worth the extra effort.

When I do my home manicure, I file my nails first, then wash my hands and apply moisturiser (or cuticle oil). I follow this up by applying OPI Chip Skip, a layer of base coat (currently I am using Orly Basecoat Bonder which you can get here ). I wait for it to completely dry before applying the first coat of colour, then wait about 2-3 minutes and apply a second layer of colour. Let that dry for about another 4 minutes then apply a top coat (currently I use Revlon ColourStay Longwear Top Coat which you can get here).

OPI Maiami Beet

Wearing OPI Miami Beet

To avoid future chipping, make sure you reapply a top coat every day, I like to buff the nail first so it has that glossy finish as I find the colour tends to dull over time.

Weekly Website Whip-around

It’s been awhile since my last WWW post, but here are the websites I have been perusing this past week:

  1. I having been having so much fun researching ways to decorate my spare room on Houzz
  2. Always a great source of style inspiration at Stylish 365
  3. I found this coffee table from Ikea which would look perfect in my living room
  4. This recipe from looks so yummy, I can’t wait to try it out
  5. Lately I have found myself dreaming about Bundt cakes and this one looks like it could fulfil all my cake dreams!
  6. Loving this tutorial on how to fill in eyebrows without looking like a clown
  7. Seriously crushing on this girls style at the moment
  8. Last minute purchases for my trip to Bali – one can never have too many swimsuits for a poolside vacation!
Clockwise: Houzz, Stylish 365, Ikea, Donna Hay, Food & Wine, Elle Bangs You Tube, Gal Meets Glam, Asos

Clockwise: Houzz, Stylish 365, Ikea, Donna Hay, Food & Wine, Elle Bangs You Tube, Gal Meets Glam, Asos

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Hope these bring some inspiration or enjoyment.



I can’t believe another weekend has come and gone! This weekend Anth and I finally started cleaning out our spare room. Due to an engagement, a wedding and multiple christmas and birthdays our spare room has slowly become to resemble an episode of Hoarders! After numerous trips to our new storage unit, we now have a spare room back and we are very excited to be able to access our linen without having a search party sent in after us. This morning  we rewarded our tireless efforts with a lazy Sunday morning sleep in and breakfast in bed. Later we headed to the shops for coffee and some light shopping then back home, where we parked ourselves on the lounge and haven’t moved since – bliss!

As I am in a lazy mood, here is snapshot of my recent happenings, enjoy:






















Hope you have all had a great weekend and here is to fantastic week ahead!



My Five Favourite…Cocktails

My Five Favourite’s this week is in anticipation of tonight. Anthony and I are joining our soon to be married friends for High Tea with a twist at the White Heart this evening. The twist is that the High Tea is served as deconstructed cocktails!  So with cocktails on the brain, here are my five favourite cocktails:

  1. Vodka Martini – dirty, shaken and with 3 olives
  2. Cosmopolitan – Carrie introduced me many years ago and they have been a favourite ever since
  3. Manhattan – need to be made with only the best liquor
  4. Turkish Apple Martini – my own creation so of course it’s to my taste
  5. Margarita – with or without a Mexican fiesta!

 My Five Favourite Cocktails

I hope this inspires you to have a tipple or two tonight!


Lip Service

Not only does Winter bring the dreaded lurgy, shorter and colder days, and nasty winter wobbles, but the icy cold winds combined with the heavy duty heating cause my lips to chap and peel which is not an attractive look! Because I am sure I’m not the only one suffering, here’s my trick to keeping lips plump and pretty all winter long!

I discovered these DIY lip scrubs on Lauren Conrad’s blog a little while back and must admit I was pleasantly surprised. These are so simple to make and cost next to nothing to produce – in fact you will probably have most of the ingredients already in your pantry!

Lip Serive

After applying the scrub, I like to follow it up with a thick layer of Lucas’ Pawpaw ointment. I have been using this stuff since before it was cool and I completely stand by it. I always slather it on before going for a run in the colder, windier months to keep chapping at bay.

Lip Service

Now you are pout perfect, what lipstick shade will you be rocking this Winter?


Hunting for casual sunglasses

I am currently on the hunt for the perfect casual yet polished pair of sunglasses to add my prescription to. Adding the prescription really narrows down the field in terms of styles. The more the lens curves, the more expensive and the more difficult it is to insert the prescription into the frames seamlessly. The other issue I face is my prescription keeps getting stronger, which means my lenses keep getting thicker.

With all this in mind I have decided to narrow my search down to a classic wayfarer/square like style that’s not too oversized. I tend to be a sucker for a navy or tortoise shell frame, there is something about black that is too harsh against my pale skin. I have made a short list of prescription friendly styles – now I just need to make a decision!

Top: Prada, Marc by Marc Jacobs Middle: Dita, TThierry Lasry, Ray Ban, Kate Spade Bottom: Alexander McQueen, Stella McCartney, Sherrif&Cherry, Cheap Monday

Top: Prada, Marc by Marc Jacobs
Middle: Dita, Thierry Lasry, Ray Ban, Kate Spade
Bottom: Alexander McQueen, Stella McCartney, Sherrif&Cherry, Cheap Monday

What’s your go to style for everyday sunglasses?