Cosmo Time!

Hi, I’m Kate and welcome to my blog, Kate Incorporated. I’m a newly thirty girl, living in Sydney with my husband, Anthony, and working a nine to five in marketing.

My blog is about all the things that inspire me most – food, fashion and fun. In my spare time I enjoy cooking, entertaining friends and family, trying out new bars & restaurants, escaping the city for a weekend in the country and keeping fit through running, yoga and gossip walks with my best friend.

Kate Incorporated is my space where I share all my favourite styles & trends, fashion pieces, hair & beauty tips,  recipes, and my personal style.

Thanks for visiting my blog and I hope you return soon!


*Please note all images used on my blog are from Google unless otherwise credited. If you would like me to remove your image, please email me at kateincorporated@gmail.com and i will do so immediately.